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Rectoscopy is the visual check of the rectum, performed with an instrument shaped as a narrow tube, which has a light source and a soft air pump attached to help expand the rectum gently.

Often done together with Anoscopy as Ano-Rectoscopy to check both the anal canal and the rectum at the same time. Proctoscopy is also used to describe this investigation and, in some countries, Rectoscopy is referred to as Rigid Sigmoidoscopy.

Rectoscopy can diagnose or exclude rectal inflammation, rectal polyps and rectal cancer as well as rectal mucosa prolapse and rectal ulcer. It gives an idea about rectocele and rectal prolapse, but these are problems with the wall between the vagina and rectum or the wall of the rectum, therefore these need further investigation.

What to expect when going for a Rectoscopy?

The examination takes place at the end of your visit as part of physical examination, following Anoscopy. It is done in case you are complaining of bleeding and there is no definitive source of it found in the anal canal. It is also needed if you have rectal as opposed to anal complaints, which your doctor will explain.

There is no preparation needed for this examination, but it is better if you could go to toilet in the morning. The investigation is not at all painful. No sedation needed. You will be told of the result right after the test.