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Anoscopy is a visual check of the inside of the anal canal. Rectoscopy is the same for the rectum. Often done together as Ano-Rectoscopy to check both at the same time. Proctoscopy is also used to describe this investigation and in some countries Rectoscopy is referred to as Rigid Sigmoidoscopy.

These tests are part of the routine proctological check-up, if you are complaining about anal lumps, discomfort or bleeding to your doctor.

Anoscopy is diagnostic for hemorrhoids. Especially internal hemorrhoids cannot be correctly diagnosed without this examination. Anoscopy is the diagnostic tool for anal fissure. It can diagnose or exclude anal polyps, anal warts and anal cancer. It can see the source of bleeding from within the anal canal. In case of anal fistula it might be able to see the internal opening.

What to expect when going for this procedure?

The procedure called Anoscopy is a quick, painless test performed after your doctor discussed your complaints and symptoms with you. It is part of the physical examination, when you visit a Proctologist. The test takes only a few minutes, not painful, no sedation needed. There is no special preparation needed for Anoscopy either, but it is a bit better if you could go to toilet in the morning, before these kinds of tests are done.